Thursday, March 26, 2009

artist in residence tour

to all those interested in my work - 

i will be embarking on a year long artist in residency tour 
around the world in may and will be having a big sale of 
my paintings in mid - april at my studio in boulder, co. 
if you wish to buy any of these paintings online, it would be 
best to purchase them before my sale. You can contact 
me by email at 

i will be starting a new blog/website to track my progress
as I develop my new work based on the places i will be
working and living in. I will post the blog/site as soon as
it is up and running, hopefully in mid-april. this blog will be
on hold at that time, and i will not be doing my "daily" 
paintings in the same way for awhile. 
thanks to all of you who have been following my blog and
i hope you will visit my new site and 
follow my yearlong expedition ~

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