Sunday, January 4, 2009

jan 4, 2009

these paintings are more abstract than i've 
been painting for awhile. very different
from my website paintings, but feels
fresh again, after working with more
imagery. just enjoying the paint.

acrylic on panel sold


  1. I LOVE your paintings, Amy. Have been a big fan for years. The colors, texture, themes, vibrancy and movement are very moving to me. Am particularly struck by this one. Can't wait to see the rest this year.

  2. Amy, this one is so gorgeous! Reminds me of aspens and snow and makes me think of Colorado! Thank you.
    -- Corin

  3. I am so excited to own my very own "Amy Clay" original as a present from mom. It's even more beautiful in person with all the textures and colors so vivid. Trying to figure out where to place it.

  4. i'm so glad you are happy with the painting jen, and that you will give it a fine german home. i love when my babies go out in the world in a big way ~